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This page is a tribute to a very wonderful ship.

I was very fortunate last summer to be invited to perform on The Queen of the North.
A ship that was part of the BC Ferries Fleet that sailed between Port Hardy & Prince Rupert. The journey was a wonderful day trip of our beautiful North West Passage of British Columbia. I believe I was one of the last performers on her and unfortunately March of 2006 the ship sank off our coast.

Below are the inside photos of the Queen of the North where I lived 14 days on board as a performer. I thought it would be nice to share them with everyone.

Click on the photos to view the inside of the ship...

Photo 1 is a picture of the White Spot restaurant. The food on the ship was always fantastic. Most days I would have dinner in the buffet restaurant at the front of the ship. The meals there were always amazing. Once in awhile it was great to take a break from the wonderful gourmet meals and eat at White Spot located at the rear of the ship.

Photos 2, 3 & 4 are pictures taken from the bridge.

Photos 5 & 6 are pictures of the lounge & buffet restaurant at the front of the ship. This is were I would perform in the evenings for the passengers.

Photos 7 & 8 are pictures of the 2 routes I could walk on the main deck to get from the front of the ship to the rear. Photo 7 is the route the crew uses & Photo 8 is the route for the passengers. Along the passenger route was the gift shop and pursers office. The crew was very kind, in the evenings when I was finished with my performances and most of the passengers had departed. I would go to the pursers office were the chief stewart would allow me to pick out a move to play. I would then go to the crews galley and grab a bite to eat and go up to the next deck to eat and watch the show.

Photo 9 is a photo of my room. The crew rooms were very small (I guess about 10 by 6 feet) I had a small cot and sink. You can see another photo of my room if you click
"My Room" on the ships photo above. Sleeping on the Queen of the North as part of the crew was great as long as you slept at the front of the ship (away from the engines). I enjoyed the mornings while lying in bed with the ship rocking up and down as it began it's next voyage.

Photo 10 is a picture of the crew laundry room located on the lowest deck at the rear of the ship. I would work out in the crew's gym Photo 11 while doing my laundry. The really cool part of being on the crew (aside from all the great food) was having a gym. (which was not available to the regular passengers) The gym was great with a universal gym, free weights and in another room up on the main deck we had a tred mill and other exercize machines.

Photo 12 is a picture of the crew's rec room. This was a great room just to sit and chill out with crew members. It had a computer for games, food, beverages, fooze ball & ping pong table, satelite tv, stereo, etc... In a room next door there was even a small library and internet station.

Photo 13 14 15 & 16 are the pictures of my route to my room. Photo 13 is from the main deck (deck 5) which leads down to deck 4. I would the walk towards the front of the ship along the corridor in Photo 14 under the archway to the next stair case. Photo 15 is the next stair case which takes you to the car decks (decks 3 & 2). I would continue down this staircase to the bottom deck and then walk further to the front of the ship down a hallway to my room seen in Photo 16.

Photo 17 is a picture of one of the big heavy steel doors that separate the ships lower deck into sections to prevent water from flooding one area to another. The handles in the photo were used to release the door to open and close it.

I hope you enjoy all the photos. There are a few photos of the ship that the regular passenger would never get to see. I met some very wonder people on that trip. The ships crew was extremely professional and very kind.

The Queen of the North will be sadly missed...

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